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Assisting Us Through Volunteering

One thing that stands us apart is the fact that we are a non-profit organisation. In turn, a core aspect of our existence depends on the support of others. This is who we are, and we are proud of it. This is because we are a community-driven initiative. One group of people that our activities depend considerably on are volunteers. They are the soul and spirit of our organisation and drive the necessary change within the community. 

Our volunteers are not just any other volunteers. Instead, we recognise our volunteers as vital components of our organisation and functioning. We constantly depend on our volunteers to get things done. We support a mutually beneficial relationship between us where we provide an opportunity for them to give back to the community, and we allow them to drive us forward towards achieving our goals. 

Our volunteers act as our life force, doing what needs to be done. From event planning and project implementation, our volunteers are a core part of what we do at Bess. There is no doubt that without our volunteers, we would find it hard to achieve all that we have achieved so far. We are proud to state the core roles of our volunteer as we believe they are changemakers that deserve to get recognised and appreciated for their contribution and activities. 

Our activities encourage our volunteers to contribute significantly to their immediate community. However, this is not the only restriction on their contribution. Our volunteers also get to contribute to a wide range of communities where our actions and activities reach. 

Our activities also ensure that our volunteers get an opportunity to gain work experience. However, that is not the only range of experience that they can gain. With us, they also get to develop their soft and hard skills. This makes them more useful within society and their relevant workplace. While you enhance the wide range of services that we provide at Bess, we provide you with an opportunity to network and meet more individuals across and beyond your local community. This wide participation in community service that we provide to our clients ensures that they can become better individuals and give back to their community like they would love to. 

Our happy and friendly environment is unmatched. So, if you volunteer with us, you can be sure to get and enjoy the best possible experience. 

In case you are looking to volunteer with us, we invite you to begin your journey today. You can contact us to get started.