Entry Criteria

Bess provide assistance to people in the target group below who need basic support services to continue living in the community with dignity.

Bess services shall be directed towards assisting:

  • 1. Older and frail persons with moderate, severe or profound disabilities.
  • 2. Younger persons with moderate, severe or profound disabilities.
  • 3. Carers of persons specified in clause (1& 2 above)

While the term older and frail persons is used in the definition of the target population for Bess services, it should be noted that eligibility for services is based on frailty related to disability and that individuals do not qualify for services  solely on the grounds of advanced age.

Individuals over any particular age do not qualify for services on the basis of their age alone, but because they have difficulties in carrying out tasks and need support due to a moderate, severe or profound disability.

A person is considered as having a moderate, severe or profound disability if they have difficulty performing the tasks of daily living without help or supervision.

Tasks of daily living may include the inability to prepare meals, clean and maintain the home, use public transport or are socially isolated. Some people may only need one support service where others may need a combination of support services.

Bess respects client’s cultural preferences and ensures staff providing the support understands the cultural background of the client. Services where possible will be tailored to meet the clients cultural needs.