Fees charged for services provided by Bess home & community care Inc. are determined by the Board of Governance in line with the HACC Safeguards Policy and reviewed annually.

Any revenue from fees are used to enhance and expand the provision of HACC services so that more clients have access to them.

Payment of Fees

All clients are informed of the fees for all services at the time of introduction to the service.  Clients are also advised of any proposed variation to fees which may affect them.

In charging fees for services the following principles will apply:

  • Payment of a fee for service will be sought from clients who are assessed as having the capacity to pay
  • The full cost of home delivered meals  will be charged to the client.

Capacity to Pay

In assessing clients’ ability to pay for services the following will apply:

  • information is obtained from each new client as to their source and level of income and any other HACC services they are currently receiving and paying for the assessment is based on the client’s own declaration
  • details of expenditure or sighting of bank books etc. is not required
  • information obtained about a client’s income will be treated as private and confidential
  • in cases of hardship or where clients request assistance, the fee can be waived.  Clients are advised and reassured that services will not be refused or withdrawn if they are unable to pay the fee

Collection of Fees

Client have a choice in their method of payment.

  • Cash on delivery of service
  • Receive fortnightly account and either pay by EFTPOS, Mail, in Person, Internet banking or over the phone.

Clients are required to pay for their transport either in advance or to the driver on the day.